What to Look for in a Shopfitter

What to Look for in a Shopfitter

So you have decided to hire a local shopfitter for your timber shopfronts location, do you know what to look for in a professional shopfitter? Instead of simply hiring the lowest offer on the table, it is important to assess your shopfitter carefully.


While skills of the trade are important, never underestimate the importance of communication. What good is a cheap shopfitter if you can never ring them up to check on the progress of your design? Of course, being able to contact them is only one aspect of communication, you also want someone who can listen and understand your ideas for the space to be fitted.

Your shopfitter should be able to comprehend your ideas and then communicate back to you the aspects that will work and especially those that will not. In essence, they should be able to explain to you the shopfitting process in a way that you are consistently aware of where you are in said process.


Next in line is a shopfitters experience. This is particularly important if you are working with timber shopfronts. These types of shopfronts create a traditional yet elegant style that hearkens back to a simpler time, but that does not mean they are simple to implement.

Shopfitters who have been in business for any length of time should have a diverse portfolio, or at least one focused on your type of business. Carefully peruse their portfolio and when possible, actually visit the physical location to see for yourself not only how it looks, but how it has held up over time.


A shopfitter is truly a jack of all trades when it comes to retail storefronts. They must be able to understand the dimensions they are working with, create a great design based on these dimensions, execute and facilitate installation all the while managing both a time and financial budget. No small task to say the least, so take an extra minute or two to carefully consider who you hire. Talk to us here at Roberts Yorkshire for a free no obligation quote.

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