The Benefits of an In-House Shopfitter

Fully In-House Shopfitter

Shopfitters have a large responsibility when it comes to commercial refurbishment, not only do they have to make meticulous calculations for the overall design, they must also install all fixtures, displays and machinery while bringing the project in on budget. Some companies will outsource a number of these tasks to subcontractors, which is not necessarily wrong but can lead to problems in the long run. If you are searching for professional shopfitters Leeds or shopfitters Yorkshire, you want to find an experienced company that can service the entire project in house.


Why it Matters

If you have a shopfitter overseeing your refurbishment, does it really matter if they have another contractor handling a smaller job? A company that keeps project management in house will have complete control over compliance and quality assurance. For the business owner, this means you have one point of contact when situations arise and the shopfitter can exercise rigorous controls to correct the issue. When subcontractors are involved, if something is not done to specifications, it can halt the entire process while you deal with an unfamiliar entity.

NOTE: This also prevents a shopfitter from shifting blame to their subcontractor for shoddy work.


When you need shopfitters Leeds professionals, resist the temptation to go with the lowest bid on the board. Instead, look for a company that is competing locally with a recent portfolio to back up their claims. Revitalising an existing business or creating a completely new space takes time, expertise and knowledge in a number of fields not limited to design, retail display, colour schemes, fixture installation and budgeting. Successful businesses have to keep the bottom line firmly in sight at all times while providing a comfortable shopping experience in a clean, safe environment. Do not trust this job to just anyone. Do your homework, check the references and whenever possible, actually visit previously completed projects. 

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