New or Renovated Space – Whats Best?

New or Renovated Space

Are you setting up a new retail business? Will you be revamping your existing location or creating a completely new space? All of these are important questions to consider before contacting shopfitters Yorkshire professionals.


When you set up a new space, you are generally working with walls and doors as the interior is completely free of any existing structures or machinery. Tables, counters, displays, and even storage may need to be fitted for your business and as you can imagine, will take a somewhat different approach than a commercial refurbishment. You already know the sooner you can open the doors for business, the sooner you can expect to see a return on investment.

Shopfitters are the perfect professional for this type of set up. It is their business to know design and some can even offer a 3D rendering of your potential space. Not only are they great at designing, they are experienced with sourcing materials, setting up a production schedule and getting your project completed on time and within budget.


Here is where a number of retailers miss the mark. They figure they have been running a successful business for some time so why do they need help with a little update? For starters, a commercial refurbishment is never really a small task and there will usually be a few problems come up that can destroy a budget.

Shopfitters Yorkshire professionals have experience in refurbishment and are quite familiar with the problems you could incur. For example, it is time to upgrade your equipment but you are currently operating out of a historic building and the wiring is not up to code for the excess load on the system. A professional shopfitter would discover this during the assessment phase of the project and be able to detail the costs of upgrading or offer viable alternatives.


Final Thoughts

When you are in the initial stages of building or upgrading your business, it is easy to get excited and lunge full bore into the project all on your own. However, it will likely not take long to discover there is a lot more minutiae to the process than you realised. Hiring shopfitters Yorkshire professionals will alleviate the burden and allow you to get on with more important aspects of your business.

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