Renovating Your Bar/Pub


Do not even consider opening or refurbishing your bar/ pub without consulting a proper shopfitter. Did you know 5 out of 7 bars/ restaurants fail within the first couple of years? Why do so many fail and a few rise to stardom? Customer service and good product are both essential but even with both of these elements, if you are missing it on good design, chances are better than average you will fail.

Brand New Venue

If you have a fantastic idea for your bar or pub, it is a good idea to consult a shopfitter before you even choose the location. Locations are important in all businesses to be sure, but it is doubly so with a drinking or eating establishment. The biggest plus to having a shopfitter on your side as you assess a location is their ability to tell you what will work in the space you are considering and what will not. For example, is there enough room for the 9ft bar and the number of tables you are envisioning while not impeding the flow of customers?

Renovating Your Pub

Often times, when business is falling or a new trend has firmly set in, a business owner must decide whether to modernise the facility. Whether you are considering a few new pieces of equipment or a complete overhaul, consider hiring professional barfitters to get the job done right.
Shopfitters who specialise in bars, pubs or restaurants will be knowledgeable in the latest trends and able to guide your design to fit with your current location. For instance, if you are located in an area frequented by mostly middle aged blue collar workers, a punk or grunge rock theme is probably not going to go over well.

Final Thoughts

You can always take on the renovations yourself, but if you want the best results for your efforts, employing a professional barfitter is going to give you a lot more benefit for the costs

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